How to re-combine JPEG + RAW in Aperture 2.0

I am currently playing around with the trial version of Aperture 2.0. As the Canon G9’s RAW format was not supported in Mac OS X until very recently, I kept the JPEGs in iPhoto, and the RAW images in folders somewhere else.

Aperture can show the JPEG + RAW of the same picture as a single image, so they do not take up unnecessary screen real estate. The RAW or JPEG master can be selected through the context menu:


But I couldn’t find a way to re-combine the JPEGs I had imported from iPhoto, and the RAW files from a separate location, though it worked fine when importing directly from the camera. A workaround would of course be to use stacks (easy, thanks to auto-stack), but that would mean that stacks are pretty much unusable for other purposes.

I tried throwing JPEGs + RAWs together in a folder, and re-import them, hoping that Aperture would then recognize them as belonging together. Didn’t work. In the end it turns out that Aperture only creates a combined master if the modification date of both files is exactly the same.

This can of course easily be done in Terminal (my RAW files were still unmodified and thus had the original date, so I used those as the reference date, it would of course also work the other way round):

for f in `ls *.CR2`; do touch -r $f `basename $f .CR2`.JPG; done

I’m still glad that I don’t have years of such files to re-combine, but at least it is a lot less annoying than using stacks for them. If anyone knows of a better way, please let me know 🙂