delicious2safari on Pimp My Safari and macosxhints

Jon Hicks has launched Pimp My Safari, a website dedicated to all the extension available for Safari. delicious2safari is featured as well πŸ™‚

On a related note, Steven King has posted a hint to macosxhints about using delicious2safari together with Butler, an application launcher for Mac OS X. Note that the same procedure also works with Quicksilver and any other application that integrates Safari’s bookmarks.

Happy New Year 2005

A Happy and Peaceful New Year to all of you!

If you know me, you’re probably aware that I can’t leave my hands off the camera when there are fireworks, so here is a photo, taken about half an hour ago πŸ™‚



We had a 5.4 magnitude earthquake last night, the epicenter was about 100 km away from Stuttgart. I was about to go to bed, so I noticed the quake immediately. The LRGB website showed the earthquake data without any delay, including an automatically generated press release, but it still took radio stations about 20 minutes until they managed to broadcast the news! Good thing, radio stations are not the only source of fast information any more πŸ™‚

[EDIT] Links are all dead by now, but here’s the plot I saved …

Earthquake Plot

Quiet for a while …

It’s been rather quiet here for the last weeks since I’ve been very busy taking exams, and helping with orientation for the new students. I also revised the computer labs “manual” each new student gets, and developed a new default configuration for newly created Linux accounts. The new configuration provides better performance on older machines and is more easy to use. It uses Xfce as the desktop manager, Thunderbird for email, and Firefox for web browsing. Hopefully this will make Linux a little easier to use for beginners, and faster on our older lab machines …

Anyway, I still have one more exam to take this week, and hopefully after that I’ll have more time for “the rest of my life” again πŸ˜‰

delicious2safari 1.1

I just released delicious2safari 1.1. It has much improved download code, and should be a lot faster than the previous versions. In addition, delicious2safari now identifies by its own User-Agent identifier.

Thanks to Joshua for fixing the API problems so quickly πŸ™‚